Vaccines are an option.  Many are not aware of this fact, but there are many ways to be exempted from apparent requirements to have vaccines.  Most, if not all states, have waiver forms for parents to fill out if their children attend public school.  Some forms may need a stated reason, while some may not require any reason.  One reason many object to vaccines is due to religious convictions.  And even though vaccines are also not required by law* for adults, there is a different story for some employment.  It seems to be a universal requirement for a list of vaccines in order to be employed in health care, that is also for students studying nursing and learning through clinical requirements at hospitals.

This leads to our story and the origin of this website.  It has to do with requirements policies to have vaccines that have been derived from aborted baby cell lines, called fetal cell lines.  (Since the word "fetus" is latin for "unborn baby," for purposes of this website the English words will be used.)

After one year of hard work and study and completing the freshman year of a Bachelor's program in Nursing, our daughter was accepted in a Christian college's highly competitive nursing program.  During the following summer she had to complete a list of requirements including background check, drug testing, and medical requirements.  Part of the list included vaccines.  One vaccine was for chicken pox, or varicella.  We knew the vaccine was derived from aborted baby cells and there was no alternate vaccine.  Our daughter asked for an exemption, but it was refused.  Though the college is not to blame for the direct policy of vaccine requirements, they gave no expression of sympathy or thought of working on the problem.

The Christian college has a policy to follow the policy of the hospitals used for clinicals.  The college does not want to jeopardize their contracts with the hospitals and therefore lose the possibility of a nursing program.  The hospitals have their policies requiring a set of vaccinations or proof of immunity or resistance through a titer (blood test).  Upon contacting the three hospitals, one Catholic, one Baptist, and one public, it was discovered all three were opposed to abortion.  But the Catholic hospital was not aware of the facts behind the aborted baby cell line used in the vaccines and said they would look into a change in policy.  Just this small bit of information was encouraging, but not for a short term solution.  After exhaustive research and work, no solution was found to allow our daughter to pursue her career choice for a degree and nursing.  She had to abandon her first thought plans.

This website is a focus on the issue of using aborted babies, otherwise known as fetal cell lines, in the manufacture of vaccines.  The goals of this website are 1) to be instrumental in educating colleges, hospitals, doctors and nurses, to provide a change in policy to allow for all students to opt out of vaccine requirements when aborted babies are used, and 2) to see the babies whose cell lines are used in all vaccines be put to rest and buried with the dignity and respect for life they have been denied but deserve.

*laws are being written that will mandate vaccines with no exemptions.

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