Refuse the Baby Cell Lines


...many vaccines use a cell line derived from an aborted baby? have the option to refuse vaccines? 

...your option to refuse the vaccines may restrict your life's choices?'s not law* in many cases, but the policy will restrict you in your career or force you to compromise or abandon your life's goals. 

Please read this website and help where you can.

*laws are now being enacted that are clearly attacks on your personal and civil rights, guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.

Preserve the Dignity of Life and let these babies to rest.

1960's - Babies are killed and used for research and vaccines.  Their cell lines are used to continually produce more vaccines.  Present - Some object to getting the vaccines, but are penalized for it.  New policies need to be adopted to help all that suffer for their convictions.There is no other way to express this truth.  Babies have been murdered and people are coerced to have those cells injected into their bodies.

For decades, a great hoax has been pulled on practically the entire population, people being convinced certain medications are needed and required, along with deliberately withholding the truth as to its origins.  Christians and others opposed to abortion and other related issues, like stem cell research, have been victims of this hoax.