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These links provide detailed information about vaccines, both general information and those supporting individual choice.  Do your research and be informed.  These sites are provided for your convenience and are not affiliated with this website in any manner.

Vaccine promotion sites from the Vaccine Information for the Public and Health Professionals and Immunization Action Coalition

The National Network for Immunization Information (NNii)
provides information to healthcare professionals, the media, and the public: facts about vaccines and immunization.

CDC's Vaccines & Immunizations web site.

Vaccine News and Database

National Vaccine Information Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving health vaccine information and preventing
vaccine injuries and deaths.
Christian Medical and Dental Association

Children of God For Life - extensive information onvaccines,

Chart of vaccines and cell lines used,

AVM Biotechnology - developing non-human cell line vaccine options,

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute - not-for-profit research group,

Vaccination Liberation -
Vaccination Liberation Links -

Vaccination Hoax

Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education

Vaccine Truth -

Why You May NOT Want to Vaccinate - Making an Informed Choice


Refuse the Baby Cell Lines