Yes, it is true.  Aborted babies were used in the research and development of our vaccines and their cell lines are coninually used to produce more vaccines.  (If you don't believe this fact, then look at other information links on this page and on the Links page.)  To make matters worse, the method of obtaining the unborn babies is questionable.  Parents were deceived into deciding on abortions because of a possible risk to their unborn babies.  And according to records available, some of the parents are identifiable and still alive today.

There are many vaccines made from non-human cell lines.  Vaccines can be developed using non-human cell lines.  One company, Merck, has announce they will discontinue their non-human cell line Rubella vaccine, citing low demand.  Another company, AVM Biotechnology, is working on a varicella vaccine free of human cells.

Many questions arise when thinking about these vaccines:

When non-human cell line vaccines are possible, why are companies and agencies discontinuing existing vaccines and/or not working on developing them?

What are the side-effects of vaccines using human cell lines?  Evidence is pointing to many side-effects, including illnesses, disease, brain damage, and death.   We see a possible similar effect in "mad cow disease," where cows have gotten sick from eating by-products of their own kind.  What are the implications of using human cells from a person or baby and injecting them into the bodies of other people for the purpose of creating an immunity?

What are the moral implications using aborted babies' cell lines?  For anyone who accepts that a new life is created and begins at conception, there is no question that using aborted babies for vaccines it is wrong.

What are other life issues?  Why can't individuals opt out of vaccines with no penalty?  Those interested in pursuing an occupation in health care must deal with policies (not laws) requiring certain vaccines, including those with no option outside of those derived from aborted baby cell lines.

Vaccines should always be an option for the individual.  And vaccines should not be produced using aborted baby cell lines, including both new and continued cell lines.

Our Vaccines Made From Aborted Babies


Refuse the Baby Cell Lines